Sunday, 11 August 2013

cannot wait for independent day because few of us look retarded

hello guys,

are you happy now with my Vlog for fasting month and also the office month end of fasting month for Malaysian Muslim. Viewers said it was funny about that video and im sod happy my vlog progress. Aha you all should support me because i need lot of idea to share with you guys and hope Google now why im need  add sense account it is because  i need financial support. That money will be use to buy new camera, stuffs and paid public when now everybody now that my team just release outdoor video for the very first time. I really need it to paid public appearance in my video.

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Malaysian people are you know that this month is our Independent day. Hooray .......... you know what i mean right, ya that more issue we will find out and will be document it on my channel hahahahha we will catch the looser. Last year is a big bucket moron few of Malaysian out there but not find my idea to a part from them. Im still remember when the government officer and the city council officer do their job the taxpayer said we paid you all. Hello men do you know or do you have a little brain to think more that that, taxpayer paid for security to do their job and if you a type people that they want to clean out they will do so and dont think that you are high taxpayer. This is Malaysia not Bollywood story and also not Hollywood story that the high school should take care the high taxpayer.

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Im cannot wait what Malaysian will do on this independent day because we are the 21st century cowboy heeeeehaaaaaaa

Thursday, 1 August 2013


         My blog agreenmovement is about a fresh idea from me to you and it will not promise you all with genius stories but we will promote our video on youtube and google plus. This blog will bring ejoyable of stupidty and lack of sciece issue.
        We will brought you all with weekend issue of bloger life. We also will carry out any hot issue from Malaysia to all fan and it must be what our opinion about the issue and conclude the issue to be a top 4 issues all weekend (if i has time to do it hahaha). The issue must be a stupid issue going on Malaysia, next must be about our crazy politician, Malaysian attitute plus immoral issue, 4th is what media said all weekend actualy from FB and blogs and what hot all around. Lastly, what is happen in Kulim. You all knew Kulim is a small city with cowboy live in it, Malaysian must shock because you all heard about this for the very first time.
         This blog are fully sponsored by LucahLess Entertainment. Hold on what is that ass? LucahLess is mean lack of sex tutorial and porn activity that can abuse under age through metal and genitial for sake. So this is mean we bring you all to safe culture of high morality of Malaysia human. Anybody can read our article includes your 4month baby (i hope so) because we love cute people . We hope world enjoy what we show you here and on youtube.
           jancpeladang youtube channel is a channel that get you nice view of show. We will conclude our activity there to make sure prime minister said "go to hell this horse (we like it) because you are not a chinese." yay. .... This tube will be a story about my life and how im face it in community. You know what i will upload my 1st outdoor video this week it.
           This is the last word from me.... Hi all greenishia im your god of horse and know im declare that you are my member. Hahahaha Love you all we are from 90s bicth production will work hard for LucahLess Entertainment and we want get paid by this company a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My language is converted because google said so

Hi viewers

Wow this is a sily moment that i must face will every of you bicth. I dont know what to do with this action to convert my blog language from malay to english. Because i only finish my study at year 5 Primary school. Im not sitting for UPSR examination at all awwww so sweet.

UPSR examination is a exam at primary level before you continue your study in malaysia for O level or we call it Secondary school. It a exam that will evaluate you on Malay Math science and english. After sitting this exam, the result will use by your secondary school to place to where group at Secondary school either you a excellent group or a loser hahahahah

I hope i can still have viewers at future.

Ps. Well im not in excellent group haaaha